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Water taken from the water pipe can not be used for live koi. To destroy Chlorine is in, the water must be added anti-drug Chlorine. Drugs available in the market "Rid All" anti Chlorine, fluids that can be overcome Chlorine in the water. This medicine is available in small packages and large packages. For koi pond can be great packaging.

As the fish like to eat, koi generate a lot of dirt. If not observed, this dirt will reduce water quality drastically. To overcome this dirt have drugs that can be used, namely "Aquadine".

Aquadine allows dirt koi not destroyed, but the cause and can be brought to the flow of water in the filter, or we can dispose of Pond water during cleaning.

There are also liquids that can be added to water in the Pond, just to prevent the koi-koi entered a new attack is not affected by the disease. For example, just for this purpose we use the "All General rid Aid", in a large pack. Because if we used a small package, the Pond should be for, the price will become more expensive. Life in accordance with the rules, we can add the liquid before or after the fish entered the fish in it.

If water pH is too high (basa) then we step down to pH can be added to the liquid "Aquavital". Despite aquavital more for fish that require low pH water, such as discus, Arwana, and types of Neon, but at a certain concentration can be used to neutralize the water that is too many pH in accordance with the required koi. Aquavital than is available in liquid form is also sold in dried form, the form (such as) moss to the planting medium. Necessarily be more or less adjusted to the instructions in the packaging wrap.

built a new Pond that usually there is still the influence of cement. The influence of cement can cause the water to be no good for koi (hard) and a high pH water. With the conventional way, the influence of cement can be removed with a soak and remove the Pond water repeatedly for 3 weeks. However, now there are new ways of more quickly, to the new Pond that is filled with water added to acid acetate. By using this solution acetate acid neutralization process can be wall Pond faster. To counteract wall Pond can also paint with a coat vinil, but it is rarely done.

To prevent the disease in koi entered a new, not rare in the Pond added to the drug with a low concentration. This medication works only as a prevention or treat diseases that have not yet appear.

Occasionally there is a liquid that accidentally enter the Pond. They can kill koi in the Pond. This is dangerous liquids such as pesticides. This pesticide into the Pond when we spray around the plants Pond. Perhaps this story is not untrue, considering the pesticide may be directly into the spraying took place at Pond or down with the morning dew or rain at the time.

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Read articles about health and training. Learn how to care for a new pet.

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